Events and Conferences 2016

8-11 March 2016, Rio de Janeiro
2nd International Conference on LGBT Psychology and Related Fields
It’s with great pleasure that we announce the 2nd International Conference of LGBT Psychology and Related Fields: Tackling the Impact of Discrimination against LGBT People Worldwide, that will take place in the Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ) from March 8th to March 11th of 2016. The Conference is an articulation of international efforts to make visible and consolidate the field of LGBT studies in Psychology and related fields. The event follows the echoes of the social and cultural changes of the contemporary politics of subjectivity that summons Psychology and other fields of knowledge to take part in academic mobilizations that are committed to the challenges imposed by discrimination and right’s violations of sexual and gender minorities.
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9-11 June 2016, Philadelphia
15th Anuual Philadelphia Trans Health Conference
The mission of the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference (PTHC) is to educate and empower trans individuals on issues of health and well-being; educate and inform allies and health service providers; and facilitate networking, community-building, and systemic change.
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25-26 June 2016, Berlin
Internationales Symposion: Exodus, Constitution, and queer politics of laughter
The aim of this symposium is to discuss: What is the current state, and what are future aims of queer politics? How does queer politics relate to and engage with wider societal questions, as for example the economic crisis in Europe, current refugee politics, and precarizations due to armed conflict and the so-called war on terror? And in how far do we need to think queer politics also as a question of cultural form and modes of political agency, rather than as a field only defined by topics? Does asking about the subversive potentials as well as deadly consequences of laughter allow to take up current debates about caricature and censorship, but also to draw critical connections between political modality and the demands for rationality and sovereignty?
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1-4 August 2016, St. Ludia
The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean

The William Alanson White Institute LGBTQ Study Group presents:
Queering Psychoanalysis:
Working with Modern-Day Sexuality and Gender
Sat., Oct. 22, 2016, 8:30am – 2:45pm

William Alanson White Institute
20 West 74th Street, NYC

4-5 November 2016, New York
Trans*Sexuality Conference (Transgender Mental Health Symposium: Trans*Sexuality), New York
The Psychotherapy Center for Gender and Sexuality (a division of the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy) is proud to announce its 5th Bi-annual conference Trans* Sexuality. This clinical conference which will explore the intersections of trans, sex, sexuality, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.
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9-12 November 2016, New York, New School for Social Research
9th Meeting of the SIPP-ISPP „Any Body: The Matter of the Unconscious“
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